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Welcome to Sammy Smile Music LLC, the publishing entity for the songs and musicals of Neil Fishman and Harvey Edelman. This site features a range of songs including our catalog of theatrical properties that are available for production. Previously produced in schools, universities, regional theater, music halls, dinner theaters, and cabarets, throughout the United States, from Off-Broadway in New York and beyond, these musicals have delighted a wide range of audiences young and old. Complete sets of scripts, vocal scores, and orchestrations, are available for performance. Two of our musicals, “Spin - The Rumpelstiltskin Musical” and “Puss In Boots a Musical” are available as complete multicast recordings on audiobook, published by Harper Audio.



Music by Neil Fishman

Lyrics by Harvey Edelman

Nightlights is a collection of songs inspired by the events that took place in Billings, Montana in 1993. In an area where African Americans, Jews, inter-racial couples, Muslims, lesbians, gays, and other minorities were often targets of harassment, bullying, assault, and even murder, an event involving a Jewish menorah was the impetus for a positive reaction by thousands of Billings residents. 

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