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Welcome to Sammy Smile Music LLC, the publishing entity for the songs and musicals of Neil Fishman and Harvey Edelman. This site features a range of songs including our catalog of theatrical properties that are available for production. Previously produced in schools, universities, regional theater, music halls, dinner theaters, and cabarets, throughout the United States, from Off-Broadway in New York and beyond, these musicals have delighted a wide range of audiences young and old. Complete sets of scripts, vocal scores, and orchestrations, are available for performance. Two of our musicals, “Spin - The Rumpelstiltskin Musical” and “Puss In Boots a Musical” are available as complete multicast recordings on audiobook, published by Harper Audio.


On a bare stage anywhere on the planet Earth, anytime Tomorrow, a group of kids are standing around talking among themselves. Behind them the various Natural Resources of Earth (Oceans, Rivers, Fossil Fuels, Forests, etc.) are depicted by other actors. The Resources they represent are indicated by labels either on T-shirts, or placards they wear. Where appropriate, other "costuming" indicators are present (ie. leaves glued on Forests, etc.) It is apparent that these Natural Resources are not in the best of health by the way they look and act (ie. coughing, bent over, etc.)

As the show opens, the kids, noting the poor condition of the Natural Resources behind them, talk among themselves about the problem. As might be expected, some of the kids exhibit concern, while others express indifference or make jokes. During the discussion, the kids hear voices from behind. Suddenly, the kids realize that the Natural Resources they have been discussing can talk, and in fact, have a lot to say. A lively discussion ensues about the problem, and the need for abundant and healthy Natural Resources. Furthermore, Natural Resources should not be taken for granted, including where they come from and go: WHERE DOES IT COME FROM, (WHERE DOES IT GO).

Following the song, a couple of the kids grow more convinced about the problem, while others are unimpressed, one of whom explains how he believes that there's more than enough Resources for everyone. The Natural Resources respond to his position with THERE'S JUST SO MUCH TO GO AROUND.

Following the song, the kids notice that some of the Natural Resources have disappeared. From the back of the house, other kids appear who are also looking for missing Natural Resources. When one of them says that they're just going to have to share what's left, another kid complains that there may not be enough. At this time, someone notices that Little Sister seems to be ill. When Brother shrugs it off, the Natural Resources discuss the possibility that she may be an Eco-Path, ie. an early warning system for the rest of us regarding the dangers of the deteriorating environment. Brother and the audience learn for the first time that Little Sister might be "leaving" soon to serve as a warning to those of us who remain, that we must work to save the world. This leads to a discussion about the environment and then to the forests being cut down at an alarming rate. Little Sister leads everyone in a lament about the beauty and importance of the forests in PLEASE, PLEASE, DON'T CUT DOWN THE TREES.

Again, more Natural Resources disappear during the song. More of the kids are growing concerned and there is more talk regarding the fate of Little Sister. Brother shrugs it off, but we are told that a symptom of an Eco-Path's condition is a gradual psychological detachment from this world. The kids continue to talk with the Natural Resources to learn what they can do to save the environment. The Natural Resources suggest that one very important thing to do is to recycle bottles, cans, and other materials to KEEP THE CIRCLE GOING 'ROUND.

As the song ends, some of the remaining Natural Resources seem to be growing more and more ill. The kids discuss among themselves and with the Resources about whether they can make a difference in the earth's plight. As they talk, Little Sister grows sicker as well, and seems to be drifting off, as she sings a hopeful ballad about a world that may or may not exist: I CAN SEE A RAINBOW. A couple of the kids join in, optimistically looking toward the future, but at the end of the song, sadness and concern descends when it becomes clear that Little Sister is indeed an Eco-Path and must "leave."

With this personal tragedy unfolding, Brother wakes up to the truth about our endangered world, and fights desperately to keep Little Sister from leaving, while enlisting the other kids to help make a difference to save the world. Other kids arrive and with Little Sister providing the spiritual guidance, they all pledge to do their part in the rock anthem: HERE COMES THE EARTH KIDS.

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